The Ivorian museums experience difficulties at all levels : problems related to the lack of means for most of them, which a major impediment for their proper and efficient functioning as far as preservation, restoration, promotion, communication, training, acquisitions, etc…

The Museum of Cocody is a good illustration of problematic museums. This institution has been transferred to a new location away from the city center and the heavy traffic. But this raises the problem of regular visiting by the general public and the preservation of the entire collection. It would be therefore beneficial for the Museum to be relocated on its new premises under construction since 1997.
The traditional court of Grand-Bassam which was completely destroyed equally needs restoration.
The same goes for the museums and other archeological sites in rebel occupied areas which are liable to plundering and natural disaster because they have been abandoned. The Péléforo Gbon Coulibaly Regional Museum in the north of Côte d'Ivoire is a good example of such museums.

The state of war in the country prevents access to and supervision of those museums with valuable ethnographic collections. The longer the crisis, the higher the risk of the museums disappearing.

This then is a real cri de coeur to the national and international community as museums are an integral part of the future, making available to all history and present time, suggest tolerance and promote creativity, all things that can contribute to creating a stable and viable future for the heritage of a nation.


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