The look in one's eyes is generally considered as a powerful means of expressing the passions of the soul because it is attributed supernatural powers.
Thus the way you look with you eyes can fascinate, charm, as well as strike as if by lightning. It is hardly any surprise therefore if this is what the Artist has chosen to convey his feelings here.
This work is a representation of a female character in front view, expressing surprise, astonishment.

More than the act of looking, the manner is what gives this work its spontaneity, its originality.
The lay out of the pictorial space in geometric figures of alternate colors embodies the idea of suggestion as well as it confers the painting a special composition.

Title : The look in the eyes
Technique : Oil on canvas
Size : 100 X 90 cm
Artist : Kadjo James HOURA born in 1952 in Mélécoukro – Adiaké ( Côte d'Ivoire )

Collection of The Contemporary Art Municipal Museum of Cocody ( Abidjan – Côte d'Ivoire )


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